Vida Comida

27th May 2015

Vida Comida is a brand new South Australian owned superfood retail business, offering uniquely delicious products such as Acai Bowls and healthy breakfast! Located on Melbourne Street in North Adelaide, Vida Comida sees itself as an affordable everyday option for the health conscious consumers. Since it’s inception, starting off from local markets, Vida Comida has been a popular choice among people from the fitness and health industry, as well as everyday folks who wants to jump on the healthy diet bandwagon!

GlamoDesign has been involved at the very start of Vida Comida’s journey. From registering it’s domain, creating the logo and a range of visual identities, to building a responsive website, setting up social media profiles and branded t-shirts, sticky labels for smoothie cups, A-Frame, posters, flyers and signage. We’re so excited to be a part of their successful superfood retail venture! And oh… you MUST try one of their Acai Super Bowls!!!